Tuesday, 15 October 2013

It's been a while...

Yes, it has been a really long time since last time I posted here, because:

1. We are pregnant with our second baby! Yay!  But this time, I was a bit sick in the beginning, that's one reason that I hadn't posted anything.
2. We moved house!  It's crazy, I know, with 5 month pregnant, and a 16 month old baby, and a full-time working daddy, we'd decided to move house.  I packed my craft room first, because I knew if I just left it till the end, it would end up with lots of giveaways and things like paper pads, cardstocks won't be packed neatly.
3.  It took a while to get settled in our new place, it's a nice wee flat right by the sea, we all love it, but there were so many jobs to do around the flat, and new people to meet, and I'm getting tired quite easily, and my craft boxes still unpacked and I couldn't be bothered to take things out...
4.  Eventually we are settled, and I managed to unpack few things to make cards, and I couldn't make anything, I'd not been making cards for a few months then, and the first few cards that I made, I just completely not happy with.

Anyway, there are some reasons why it's been quiet here.  But I still would like to post some photos, and here they are:

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