Sunday, 9 October 2016

Lots has changed

Hello my friends, hope you are well and feeling crafty  ;)

I haven't posted anything for about a year, mainly because a.) I had a problem with Blogger, and couldn't upload photos at all, so I started another blog elsewhere and b.) although I have been making cards and sharing them on my Facebook page and Instagram, I just didin't have time to write blog posts about what I have made.  Life gets in the way, being a full-time mum, there are so much to do during the day with the kids and housework, and every night after the kids have gone to bed, the few hours of free time I just don't want to spend on here (not that I don't love you, lol).

But my younger daughter just started nursery two mornings a week, I feel that I have just enough free time during the day to post something and fiddle with my space here and to connect with you lovely crafters.

So here are just a few cards that I made fairly recently, and I hope you like them.

It's my bedtime, so I'll say night night to you all, and hope to see you soon.

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